The world's largest model railway of its kind.

Model Railway

A special kind of highlight in EFA Mobile Zeiten and the first collecting passion of Ernst Freiberger Snr, the founder of the exhibition: the world's largest G-scale (garden-scale) model railway produced in series. It consists of around 650 meters of rail on an area of 500 square meters in a lovingly designed model landscape.

More than 50 switches, around 80 different signals and many other details will fascinate you. The trains go over a 3 meter-long bridge and snake their way through a rocky landscape with a quarry. The docks also offer an impressive view. The train goes by a 2.5 meter-long coastal vessel and a 5.5 meter-long cargo ship surrounded by a loading crane and an oil refinery.

Please note: There is no barrier-free access to the model railway exhibition.

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