Cultural heritage
as a legacy.

Deutsche Automobilgeschichte pur

A journey through the contemporary history of the German automobile

It all started with ice cream. To be precise: when Ernst Freiberger Snr became the largest ice cream manufacturer in Germany and the official supplier to the Olympic Games in Munich. Since that time, Ernst Freiberger has strongly supported Amerang, his home town, and in 1987 was declared an honorary citizen for his commitment.

When Ernst Freiberger Snr retired, his wife presented him with a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster. The showpiece sparked an incomparable passion for collecting. In the following two years, he hunted down rare cars from all eras. He filled warehouses and garages with his treasures and ultimately opened the EFA Museum für Deutsche Automobilgeschichte in 1990.

Today, the family carries on this cultural legacy with great passion. Since the major redesign of the museum in 2018, more than 250 masterpieces of German engineering make the past come alive and history tangible. They are destined to inspire automobile fans of all ages in the future as well.


It's always time for pioneers.

Every legendary car in our collection is a standard for the technical options of its era. The result of interplay between ideas and visions, but always rooted in the past. After all, the more familiar you are with history, the clearer your vision of the future.


EFA Mobile Zeiten creates a bridge from the past and present to the future. We would like to transform our legacy into a comprehensive experience and provide momentum for the mobility of tomorrow. This is why we have combined things that move everyone forward: inspiring insights, exciting exchanges, and the automotive milestones of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Pioneering spirit is always in demand.

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